Learning About Drones

As drones have become more popular in the public, we find that more and more footage is posted from them. The benefit brought to the filmmaking industry is a unique tool. Our first purchase was an F100 ghost.

A lower end model that had no stability features for the camera nor a remote view feature. (unless you picked up a go pro) When flying it you have to be able to see it and try determining what direction it is facing while in flight. (there are lights on the bottom but when you go high or far enough it is difficult to see.) The camera is fixed with no stability so every movement the drone makes causes a jerking motion on the camera. The batteries that came with it would last about 15 minutes and then you had to manually land it making it difficult to get good shots unless you had a lot of practice. Even it that there was no guarantee that the quality was of any use. Another issue we came across is there had to be little to no wind otherwise you spend the entire time trying to compensate reducing the time trying to get any useful shots. One thing we can say about this drone is that it can take a beating and keep going. We crashed into trees and into the ground enough times I was sure something broke on it but we just flipped it over and took off again. The trick flip feature is fun to see and play with (without the camera attached anyway.) All and all it’s a fun toy version to play around with but if you are looking for more user-friendly systems for things such as filming I would recommend spending the extra money on a more higher end drone.